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 Angelic Homeworld, Alura

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Angel Of Time
Angel Of Time

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Name: Angel
Race: Angelic

PostSubject: Angelic Homeworld, Alura   Mon Sep 24, 2012 9:56 pm

Name: Alura

Controlling race: Angelic

Location from sun: 1

Climate type: Gaia

Goverment type: Monarchy

Shipyard in orbit: No
---If no, Are there any orbital bases: Yes

Planet bound spaceport: No

Atmosphere type: Normal Earth-like O2 Environmental conditions.

System name: Areia

Moons: None

Size: 4 Planetary Units

Star type: Light blue

Spaceward defences on planet: Angelic Crystal battary network. / Orbital crystal station with Angelic Crystaline array cannons.

Major materials found in the planet: Heavy gemstone deposits.
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Angelic Homeworld, Alura
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