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 Xalin Homeworld, Xalon 4

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Xalin Homeworld, Xalon 4 Empty
PostSubject: Xalin Homeworld, Xalon 4   Xalin Homeworld, Xalon 4 EmptyTue Oct 23, 2012 6:54 am

Name: Xalon 4

Controlling race: Xalin.

Location from sun: 5th.

Climate type: Arid. Only 1 Oceanic mass splits through the land masses, making 2 super continents.

Government type: Unification.

Shipyard in orbit: Yes.

Planet bound spaceport: Yes.

Atmosphere type: Earthlike.

System name: Halon 3 (Human designation for the system, It stuck.)

Moons: 3

Size: 6 Units.

Star type: White/Red Binary Star.

Spaceward defenses on planet: Heavy Plasma MK2 batteries along the Equator of the planet. Also several planet defense fighter squads.

Major materials found in the planet: Cek-ka-ke-ka Ore. Also refereed to as Cek ore for short. It is a dense, Hard to refine ore that is used in most ship drives and also used to make Xalin hull armor plating.
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Xalin Homeworld, Xalon 4
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