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 The Canoxids

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PostSubject: The Canoxids   The Canoxids EmptySun Nov 22, 2015 1:33 am

Race - Canoxids

A base of Loyal warrior who explores there vast enviroments in hunt for glory, riches or power.
The Canoxids are fierce with lust for battle and will attempt to dominate their opponents.
Their intentions are clear, to be noticed. otherwise they tend to stay away from politics and other races wars,
but may take up arms if rewarded greatly.

- Charisma
+ Increased Health
+ Luck 1+

Racial Character
canoxids was a offbreed of common house pets at first. but under longterm breeding from human side the very first Canoxids emerged.
with the need to fight and hone their skills they left earth.
Canoxids are quick learners and can wield any melee based weapon or armor flawlessly.
their shoothing skills are less than average, with a defunk to accuracy for range or projectile based weapons. due to their strong will to fight
the damage for range weapons is slightly increased.

- Decreased Accuracy To Ranged Weapons
- Witts

+ Quick Learning
+ Bonus Damage to Ranged Weapons
+ Any Melee Gear

Canoxids are Fur based, muscled toned and lean. they dont overally tend to be the smartest but they get,
the job done. due to Canoxids nature of battle, and lesser on science they aren't as smart to understand technology as others.

- Incapable of Hacking
+ Though Skinned
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The Canoxids
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