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PostSubject: OLD BACKUP [Arac]   OLD BACKUP [Arac] EmptySun May 18, 2014 6:17 am

Religion: They worship the world that is closest to them but further from the sun than them it is called ema maailmas the mother world.Every ship they have will make one trip to the mother world to surrender fresh slaughtered animals fine wines cheeses and otherwise for the world below but none no longer touch it except select matriarchs that run the ships. they believe this world is there creator and cave paintings and depictions of the stars as well as some artifacts often point that the aracnians may have been in space at some point without ships due to there odd knowledge of the outside worlds surface before they had space tech.

Location:The stracnar solar system found in the main galaxy ( forgot the name for now) having left there world behind for the skys the aracnians now can be found in ships that Cary entire generations throwout the stars.

system: stracnar

Homeworld: arĂ¡neam ( there original world they left it to live in the stars and make it a preserve) A world of jungles and citys floating on spider silk above them and in the trees. now abandoned.

body structure : Females females have four arms and eight eyes two larger eyes at front like a human and six that dot down the center and sides of her skull depending on the individual.They have three fingers on each hand and thumb with thick black claws.They have fangs that fold up into there mouths and three venom sacs that make individual venum per the individual .They produce silk from there breasts there sexual area and fingers.

Males males posses three venum sacks and there fangs are fixed like a spiders with fleshy muscle that moves and acts similar to mandables.They are covered in a thick shaggy grey fur there limbs long and gangly they can spit web and have eight eyes in the same manner as the females.

when mating the ship shares a very light empathic bond.

society: there socity is materiarcle and the females choose between each other who should be leader if there are two runners up they battle until one is wounded or dead and take over this way.there matrirac running the scens behind the captin who fallows orders beneath her .They live in the hundreds to thousands depending on the ship and enjoy taking older ships and fixing them refinishing them to there needs.The aracnians will use any races ship and turn it into something useful for themselves.Sif a family grows to large a small ship of the younger generation and a few older are sent out to start there own ship or a new ship is acquired and some of the populace moved onto it.

Export: fine silks and shipware
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