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 Angel's final conflict.

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Angel Of Time

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Angel's final conflict. Empty
PostSubject: Angel's final conflict.   Angel's final conflict. EmptyThu May 08, 2014 2:01 pm

Angel stood at the destroyed remains of the Aluran city, The sun was unstable behind her. The planet's landscape was stripped and cracked, Magma pouring from the crust as it hurtled towards the star which was glowing bright red with blotted out black spots across its surface. Angel's hair glowed bright cyan as she spread her crystaline wings wide at her foe which stood before her. A figure in black, Wearing a mask on her face. She spread her own shadowy wings wide and kept quiet... The yellow eyes glowed from behind the mask. Angel says, "You... I trusted you!" and the figure tilts its head to the left gently and then to the right...

"Trust... ?" says an ominous voice. It was deep and echod slightly. Angel lifted off the ground with a mighty flap of her wings and charged forward, Her boot skimming the surface as she shouts, "I'll kill you for what you've done, Damn it!"

--- will continue later.
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Angel's final conflict.
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