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 Malcor Alliance

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PostSubject: Malcor Alliance   Malcor Alliance EmptyWed Aug 21, 2013 11:56 am

Racial name: Malcor

Appearance: The Malcor are a race of humanistic creatures. A notable feature on them is the 3rd eye located on their forehead.

physical variations between the same species: Malcor are fairly alike and have very few features different from parent to child. Skin and eye color seem to be the most common differences between them.

General Abilities: Their main strength comes from there mind. All Malcor have telekinetic powers of the mind and others have other such additions, Like and not limited to mind control, manipulation of heat and energy, And rarely having the ability of mind reading.

Personality Traits: Malcor are cocky. They believe that most of the other races in the galaxy are in the way, And they have no issues with saying so.

Tech: Average.

Best weapon: N-17 Disintegrator Mk2

Best defence: Particle field Mk4 , Tritanium hull

Best engine: Ion pulse drive, Displacement drive (Warp)

Culture: The Malcor are a cocky race of 3 eyed people. Some of them are fairly nice but most know they're better in many ways.

Cloths: Malcor prefer robes and loose fitting clothes but, Can be seen wearing humanistic clothes and armor.

Diet: Malcor eat raw meat and living things. They infact find cooking meat stinky and most cooked foods in their opinion are 'bad' or 'nasty'. They do eat fruits and vegetables but its not required as long as they eat enough meat.

Customs: [Will update.]

Personal relationships and mating habits: Malcor are unique in relationships and reproduction. In a relationship, Malcor males are forced to stay at home for the first year of their relationship to show their faithfulness and once that is completed, They are able to mate. Malcor sex is very unique as they can often use their abilities to enhance things. The male is commonly dominant in sex as well, Biting and scratching aren't uncommon. After this, They may continue to stay together under very little restrictions, And mate as often as they like.

Religion: None.

Relationships: Xalins hate Malcor with a fiery passion. Zerans find them interesting but have no reason to like them. Humans seem to be the closest they have to an ally as they are the closest related to them in the galaxy.

Location: Unknown

Galaxy name: Milkyway.

Arm number: Unknown


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Malcor Alliance
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