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 Aelex Alliance

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PostSubject: Aelex Alliance   Aelex Alliance EmptySat Nov 03, 2012 12:29 pm

Racial name: Aelex

Appearance: The Aelex are a race of living plant people closely related to a "Sentiant". The Aelex are tall, thin, And overall human looking aside from there plant aspects. One of which being a green skin and most of where 'Hair' would be is some form of leaf or natural spike.

physical variations between the same species: Each Aelex is unique. The mixing of different consumed plants can make the next generation take quality's from that plant. This makes differences between hard to pin down.

General Abilities: The Aelex have the ability to give there offspring the ability of any other plant they eat as well as take chemical quality's from the plant as well. This is both a good and bad thing as they make perfect slaves or medical supplies. To this extent, They try and hide there true nature from most other races.

Personality Traits: The Aelex are a normally and naturally mellow race but also vigilant. They would never directly go into combat, Nor join in to any war for any reason. To this extent, They tend to stick with a single ship for most of there life, Which can be a very long time.

Tech: Moderate.

Best weapon: Type 2 Ion cannon.

Best defense: Phasing type 3 shield.

Best engine: MK 2 warp drive, Retros.

Culture: [Will fill later]

Cloths: The Aelex normally are 'Nude' when showing there true form. When blending into a group, They take the form of the least noticed race or people nearby.

Diet: Mostly plant material. Occasionally meat will be consumed, But it is for unique forms of Aelex.

Customs: In a large and hidden population of there own kind, The Aelex speak by using pheromones and swaying leaves side to side for communication. This can again, Also be mixed up with [Waiting on Sera, Will update.] as they're the only other kind of race which communicates this way.

Personal relationships and mating habits: The Aelex, are very strange in there relationships. There is no form of 'date' but a swap of genetic code bursts through touch. When a suitable mate of found, They will 'Root' beside one another and interlock there 'roots', while the 'Male' of the group sends over genetic seeding chemicals to the female Via the root interlock.
This can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 days, And while in this state they are almost catatonic. Science studies show that also during this, they have a shared dream state.

Religion: They warship trees, And Revere them as a sort of higher form of life.

Relationships: The Aelex government is viewed by Zeron government as a type of good wind. Aelex will also aboard Zeron ships, make a fake 'Pair' and feeling safe on board there ships they also keep there true form. The Aelex homeworld is also under Zeron protection. Past Zerons, The galaxy only knows what it hears from them, Which is mostly breakthroughs in genetic medical treatments and also medication breakthroughs. Aelex's were the first race to make a cure for the common cold to humans, And mandible rot for Xalins.


Galaxy name: Luna galaxy

Arm number: 3

system: Aolex

Homeworld: Meroana

Fleet size: Taskforce.
Titan: 0
Battleships: 0
Battlecruisers: 0
Destroyers: 0
Cruisers: 0
Frigates: 1
Scouts: 1
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Aelex Alliance
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