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 The Antarans Domination.

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The Antarans Domination. Empty
PostSubject: The Antarans Domination.   The Antarans Domination. EmptyMon Oct 29, 2012 5:42 am

Racial name: Antaran or in there language, Translated to "Wise one"

Appearance: The Antarans have evolved from a kind of scorpion creature, Making them hardened on the outside with a thick outer shell. Over time however, They lost most of there muscle mass and rely on there advanced technology and genetic manipulation. face and head consist of several bone-like clusters which shift to show there expression and also protect there sensitive features, Such as eyes and smelling organs. They have 3 distinct eyes in a triangle formation behind the protective bone structure.

physical variations between the same species:
There eyes can change in color from one to another and also there face structure is always diffrent, Like a fingerprint for them. It is also not uncommon to find some with extra arm-like tentacles which can grow from there back or under there arms, These extra limbs don't have any kind of hand or foot but usually have a point at the end of them, Its said that the Antarans have these as a left over of there kind of tail or stinger.

General Abilities:
The Antarans were once one of the most aggressive and bloodthirsty race known to there home galaxy, There grasp to power had no end until they met there end at the hand of one particular being which they once called a god for many years past, Until they found it to be a simple evolved crystalline being. This sparked an interest in them, Making them curios in evolutionary theory. They from that point on take advanced genetic manipulation classes from birth. They also have a keen sense of technological advancement.

Personality Traits:
The Antarans are in most ways superior to others, And they usually make it known, Making them very arrogant and cocky. Most become known for renowned genetic discoveries in there home galaxy, But others become known for there military strength. They strive to control all aspects of the galaxy and aren't limited to destroying an entire planet to keep that control.

Tech: ((Will update))

Best weapon:((Will update))

Best defence:((Will update))

Best engine:((Will update))

There isn't much on Antaran culture, And they don't share it with any other races willingly.

No clothes are needed as they reproduce by laying eggs, and the "male" fertilizes them by secreting a kind of sperm in the same was as the "female" would lay the egg. [Not very fun, But still effective as a female can lay up to 10 eggs per session.]

They are omnivores and eat all types of food, Native or foreign.

None are documented or known.

Personal relationships and mating habits: Relations consist of several encounters with the same individual, making there mating habits more normal compared to a human. There is no kind of binding between mates and its mostly something that friends do with one another as a kind of bonding.

They currently have no known religion, But it was known that they once believed in a humanoid shaped being of light, Before they discovered what this creature actually was.

Relations between other races isn't yet documented as they have just entered the milkyway galaxy to complete a task. They have not yet disclosed this "task"


Galaxy name: Neron

Arm number: 7

system: Unknown.

Homeworld: Antares

Fleet size: 9 fleet
Titan: 0
Battleships: 2
Battlecruisers: 1
Destroyers: 3
Cruisers: 0
Frigates: 2
Scouts: 1
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The Antarans Domination.
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