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 Breif Technology overview.

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Breif Technology overview. Empty
PostSubject: Breif Technology overview.   Breif Technology overview. EmptyMon Oct 29, 2012 5:33 am

[NOTE: Galactic mass unit = 9 3/4 pounds for reference]

Hull composites:


Tritanium |
Description: Tritanium armor is a blend of Titanium armor and several other materials to make a flexible, Strong, And lightweight metal with a semi-dull grey color.

-Mass per cubic unit: 5
-Armor per cubic unit: 5
-Ductility: 100


Veraxium |
Description: Veraxium is a rare metal mined from intense heat and pressure. It has a very golden luster, And is very brittle. It commonly sees use on scout-ships because of its light weight.

-Mass per cubic unit: 3
-Armor per cubic unit: 6
-Ductility: 40


Cek-Ce-Ca-Ke |
Description: Cek-Ce-Ca-Ke is a heavy, Hard, Dull red metal ore used on Xalin warships and in the construction of slip-space drives.

-Mass per cubic unit: 12
-Armor per cubic unit: 8
-Ductility: 275


Description: Adamantium is a hard, Very brittle metal used in battleship and titan structures. Its considered one of the hardest metals discovered, and is very light for its strength.

-Mass per cubic unit: 8
-Armor per cubic unit: 15
-Ductility: 60


Small frontal mount:


25mm Rotary Gatling cannon |

Description: The 25mm Rotary Gatling cannon is a standard railgun weapon used in fighter to fighter combat. Firing ballistic rounds at high rate with a respective scatter to it, Making it able to cut up fighters and corvettes in 1 on 1 combat easily, While you have ammo.

-Ammo types: Piercing, Explosive
-Size: 75 units


25mm "Raptor" cannon

Description: The "Raptor" is a small scale ballistic weapon used it small ship combat. The Raptor got its name from the method of which they use it, As it is used in ambushing operations in the same way Raptors would hunt their prey.

-Ammo types: Piercing, Slug
-Size: 120


45mm A71 Light artillery cannon |

Description: The A71 is a very small form of the A237 Artillery cannon. The A71 is meant as a more powerful cannon on smaller ships. Capable of punching through medium ships easily, Or shattering heavy armor. It commonly finds its way against heavily armoured targets and on medium sized strike-ships.

-Ammo types: Explosive, Piercing, Slug
-Size: 210



Small P25 Plasma bolt launcher |

Description: The P25 is a light plasma launcher, Used for small scale fighter attacks. It usually finds it way into fighter-on-fighter tactical combat, As it can't do much damage to thick capital ship armor.

-Base Damage: 40
-EN usage per shot: 120 EnU
-EN impact: 35 EnU
-Size: 120 units


HF-2100 "Hellfire" Plasma bomb launcher |

Description: The HF-2100, Or given the nickname "Hellfire", Is a heavy scale plasma weapon used on light ships as anti-capital ship artillery. Its high energy use makes it rather difficult to effectively and safely use on fighters, But is very common in Corvettes on the frontlines and used as the spearhead of hunter/killer missions.

-Base Damage: 110
-EN usage per shot: 275 EnU
-EN impact: 60 EnU
-Size: 320 units



R37 Focus laser |

Description: The R37 is a human made weapon, Focusing a beam of light to bombard photons onto a single point. The small design makes it good for fighters, But the damage to energy ratio doesn't make it particularly popular among most. It usually finds itself on smaller ships as supplementary weaponry.

-Base Damage: 10
-EN use per Tick: 25 EnU
-Size: 60


R87 Lance beam |

Description: The R87 is the reimagined version of the R37, Focusing a beam of photons into a fine point to cut away armor. The extra components on the R87 make it a much bigger design, But give it a better energy to damage ratio.

-Base Damage: 20
-EN use per Tick: 30 EnU
-Size: 120



T77 "Thunderclap" |

Description: The T77 or "Thunderclap" is a weapon that uses a burst of polarized energy to send an electrical arc into a shield array's systems, Causing an overload.

-Base Damage: 80
-EN use per Arc: 90 EnU
-Size: 170



Small Zeon Missile|

Description: The Zeon missile is the little sister to the larger, Zeon torpedo. The Zeon missile uses a sub-space explosion which sends anti-matter particles to bombard anything within range.

-Base Damage: 60
-Impact force: 120


LR-3750 Cluster missile|

Description: The LR-3750 is a scatter missile with a large number of micro nuclear warheads with Deranium implosion cores. These missiles are meant to be used in support against larger ships, as the force tends to shatter more brittle armour.

-Base Damage: 40
-Impact force: 300

=== Frontal Large Mounts:


A271 Artillery cannon |
Description: The A271 is a heavy, 100mm cannon found commonly on General frigates as standard weaponry.

-Ammo types: Explosive, Piercing, Slug
-Size: 1200


RZ-X1 "Shatter-bone" |
Description: The RZ-X1 is a 500mm long range cannon used to crack open super-capital ships. The nickname "Shatter-bone" was given to it as it was able to rattle destroyers and cruisers so violently that it cracked and destroyed the hull's support beams inside the ship.

-Ammo types: Slug, Explosive
-Size: 3300


"Widow maker" Tactical Strike cannon |
Description: The "Widow maker" is a ballistic cannon that fires long range, 100mm weapon used in basic capital ship battle.

-Ammo types: Explosive , Piercing , Slug
-Size: 900

Plasma Weapons:

"Zor-Cak" |
Description: The Zor is a Xalin made heavy grade plasma bolt weapon capable of melting a hole through capital armor with relative ease.
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Breif Technology overview.
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