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 The E'reban

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PostSubject: The E'reban   The E'reban EmptyTue Oct 23, 2012 9:41 pm

Racial name: E'reban (same word is used for single and plural)

Appearance: The average height is around 6 feet, humanoid in appearance, muscles are well defined. The skin color varies from dark red to pink hues. Brown to dark purple blotches randomly cover the skin but seem to be more focused on the upper arms and thighs. They have very thick bones and have high physical endurance. Their heads are covered in Jutting scales of varying sizes. They have leathery tendrils protruding from their backs.

Physical variations between the same species: The number of tendrils varies from person to person. Due to the advance state of bio engineering, some individuals might posses unique traits.

General Abilities: E'reban evolved from predatory creatures. They have complete control of the tendrils on their backs. With practice they are able to form the tentacles into specific forms, giving them the ability to create sub and super sonic waves, for communication or even to form a short burst to stun their prey.

Personality Traits:
They were once a proud and ferocious race, who never attacked, but always defended. Following the events that led to the new ice age, they withdrew from the surface completely and are now a very reclusive race.

Tech: Advanced.
They were a very defensive race. Their shielding technologies were brought to the brink of perfection. Due to the later circumstances, focused on bio-engineering due to the lack of food. The advancements in bio-engineering were followed closely by technology itself. Although they understand the mechanics of space flight, they do not like it.

Best weapon: n/a

Best defence: n/a

Best engine: n/a

Basic Planetary achievements: During the last war that fell upon Panaemon, the E'reban developed a shield that they used to envelop their capital city. During the final onslaught by the other local warmongering race, the shield overloaded and purged the rest of the planet, sending massive amounts of debris in the atmosphere, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide, which lead to a new ice age.

They are very community oriented. Everyone pulls their weight, doing what needs to be done to keep the place running. They tried to preserve as much of the topside flora and fauna, most of it now locked away in the cryo vault.

Cloths: They prefer comfortable, leather made clothes. They have rudimentary space suits, but they did not spend time perfecting it.

Diet: Omnivores. They do love trying new things.

The traditional greeting is composed of taking two fingers, placing it by your mouth, moving it to your chest and down to your side. With time the part with touching your chest faded down to just a slight pass near it. The meaning of it was speak with your heart.
*insert other stuff here*

Personal relationships and mating habits:
The E'reban are like humans in this regard. They do however mate for life. It is almost unheard of that couples split up.

They used to believe in natural deities, each having its own domain, but with the time they spent underground, the rituals and ceremonies died out.

Relationships: As a newly discovered race they do not have much contact with other species.


Galaxy name: Milky Way

Arm number:

System: Kepler's Verge

Homeworld: Panaemon

Fleet size: n/a
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The E'reban
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