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 Lusan Imperium

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PostSubject: Lusan Imperium   Lusan Imperium EmptyTue Oct 23, 2012 7:30 am

Racial name: Lusan Previously

Appearance: In basic appearance, The Lusans appear as a small race that look similar to human children except for a thin, fleshy tail with a point at the end.

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]Female
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]Male

physical variations between the same species: Like humans, Lusans vary in hair color and complexion, along with eye color. Also like humans, The offspring of 2 Lusans will resemble characteristics of both mother and father.

General Abilities: Lusans are very shut away, as there strength is there ability to hide and also there speed. They also have superb balance because of there tail.

Personality Traits: Lusans are clever, But also very shy by nature and don't like dealing with most other races. They are always on alert, And commonly they are seen in large packs when in alien space.

Tech: Moderate.

Best weapon: Ion particle cannon Mk:1

Best defense: Tritanium hull armor | Class 2 particle field.

Best engine: Mk:4 Slip-space drive.

Basic Planetary achievements: Nothing of interest.

Culture: Similar to Japanese culture in most ways. They take pride in everything they do as well as enjoy something similar to tea on earth which they call 'Heil Nale' Which translated says, 'Soothing drink'. It is a leafy plant stem which is boiled for several minutes and drank.

Cloths: Reminiscent of an older earth style. Frilly dresses or tight, clean cut suit and hats.

Diet: Omnivore.

Customs: Identical to earth.

Personal relationships and mating habits: Lusans in appearance are all female in physical appearance, Lusans have no penis. Instead, There reproductive organ consists of something identical to a vagina and there tail which acts as a sort of Penis. The tail is also very sensitive and when, 'played with' will both turn a Lusan on and get them off, The same as stroking a human's penis. In addition, Lusan's spade shape at the end of the tail is very soft and squishes. This is also where the 'cum' is produced and if squeezed tightly can cause (When aroused) the 'cum' to spill from the tip of the tail. This is also a Lusan 'kink' that most do not enjoy as it also slightly hurts. In mating as well, A Lusan will seek out one of the opposite sexual personality rather then just somebody else. As they dress in female and male style attires, It is quite easy to tell the 'Males' from 'Females'.

Religion: They believe in a sort of sun god named,    ' Leano cha'yoka ' Which translated means, ' Woman of light '. It is depicted as a tall woman made of light who granted them the gift of life and also the gift of knowledge.

Relationships: The Lusans are viewed by most as a 'neutral' race as they pick no sides and usually strive to keep out of conflict.


Galaxy name: Faron Galaxy

Arm number: 1

system: Lunesca

Homeworld: Maivo Prime.

Fleet size: Squadrent

Titan: 0
Battleships: 1
Battlecruisers: 0
Destroyers: 1
Cruisers: 1
Frigates: 2
Scouts: 3
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Lusan Imperium
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