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 New Basic ship hull specs.

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New Basic ship hull specs. Empty
PostSubject: New Basic ship hull specs.   New Basic ship hull specs. EmptyThu Sep 27, 2012 9:02 pm

[NOTE: Galactic mass unit = 9 3/4 pounds for reference]
[NOTE: Command points are only for military ships.

[NOTE: These are baseline statistics. You don't have to use these to the letter, but keep it to its base description. (No recon ship should have a heavy particle beam cannon or more then 5 turrets...)

Scout/Recon size|
Description: A ship dedicated to engines or scanners.

-Size: 750 cubic units.
-Mass: 1000 Galactic Units.
-Hull Cost: 120,000 BC.
---Turret points: 1, Top, 360 degree.
---Forward mount: 2
-Star base required: No
-Tech level minimum: 0

Fighter Class|
Description: A small ship with the sole use of fast paced space combat.

-Size: 500 Cubic units.
-Mass: 975 Galactic Units.
-Hull Cost: 85,000 BC
---Turret: 0
---Forward mount: 4
-Star base Required: No
-Tech level Minimum: 0

Light Corvette|
Description: A large scale fighter of sorts. Light Corvette class ships are mostly used as a kind of salvage or support tug ship for salvaging crews.

-Size: 1250 Cubic Units.
-Mass: 3125 Units.
-Hull Cost: 450,000 BC
---Turret mount: 1 on top, 360 degree. 2 on left and right, 180 to left and right side.
---Forward mount: 0
Star base Requirement: No
Tech level minimum: 1

Description: Big brother to the light corvette, The standard corvette class was used mostly for military application, as well as roaming merchants and transports as it gives most of the fighter maneuverability with high defense and also a decent size for cargo, Making this one of the most versatile ships in any fleet.

-Size: 2250 Cubic units.
-Mass: 5200 Units.
-Hull Cost: 578,000 BC
---Turret mounts: 2 on top and bottom, 360 degree. 3 on both sides with 90 degree outward coverage.
---Forward mount: 4
Star Base required: No
Tech level minimum: 1

Light Frigate|
Description: The light frigate is the largest civilian ship open to the general public. The light frigate is a demilitarized version of a general Frigate, and is commonly used as a type of mobile home or yacht. It ironically isn't popular among merchant types for its slow nature and large design, making it a large target for pirates and easy pray for bandits.

-Size: 4500 Cubic Units.
-Mass: 9700 Units.
-Hull Cost: 755,000 BC
---Turret mount: 2 on front, 90 degrees forward. 1 on back, 90 degrees backward.
---Forward mount: 1 large
-Star base required: Yes
Tech level minimum: 2

General Frigate|
Description: The frigate is the smallest class of capital ship. Its platform design makes it perfect for all military use ranging from a small scale carrier for fighters to anti-capital ship heavy weapon support. The Frigate is also used for diplomatic meetings as a large, almost cruise ship like meeting place for high ranking officials and ambassadorial members.

-Size: 6250 Cubic Units.
-Mass: 11000 Units.
-Cost: 910,000 BC
---Turret mount: 3 on front, 90 degrees forward 2 on back, 180 degrees backward.
---Forward mount: 2 large.
-Star base Required: Yes.
-Tech level minimum: 2

Light Cruiser|
Description: The light cruiser is a fast and formidable warship designed for long range support in space combat. The lack of point defense turrets makes it very susceptible to fighters or missile strikes.

-Size: 11,000 Cubic Units.
-Mass: 32500 Units.
-Cost: 1,500,000 BC
---Turret mount: 1 top, 360 degrees. 1 back, 90 degrees backward.
---Forward mount: 5 large. 4 small.
-Star base Required: Yes.
-Tech level minimum: 3

Standard Cruiser|
Description: The standard cruiser is the backbone of any military force. Its cheap cost and high potential make the Standard cruiser better then the light cruiser in military application.

-Size: 14,275 Cubic Units.
-Mass: 51,250 Units.
-Cost: 1,850,000 BC
---Turret mount: 4 left side, 90 degrees left. 4 right side, 90 degrees right.
---Forward mount: 6 Large. 2 Small.
-Star base Required: Yes.
-Tech level minimum: 5

Description: The Destroyer was considered the most powerful ship in the fleet for its size. The Destroyer is lightly armored with a major arsenal at its disposal and almost 360 degree coverage all around. It is however fairly costly, And an easy target for Frigates supporting heavy anti-capital ship weapons.

-Size: 26,000 Cubic Units.
-Mass: 87,500 Units.
-Cost: 3,150,500 BC
---Turret mount: 6 left side, 90 degrees left. 6 right side, 90 degrees right. 2 front side, 90 degree forward. 1 Back , 90 degree backwards.
---Forward mount: 8 Large. 4 Small.
-Star base Required: Yes.
-Tech level minimum: 6

Description: The Battlecruiser is a large battle craft used for strikes on large targets such as Titans and Battleships. It has less armor then a battleship and more firepower, Making it able to dodge attacks more easily while dealing a major blow. Mostly the Battlecruiser sees action on the front lines as the first line of defense and the spearhead of most tactical strikes.

-Size: 35,000 Cubic Units.
-Mass: 95,000 Units.
-Cost: 4,250,000 BC
---Turret mount: 10 left side, 90 degrees left. 10 Right side, 90 Degrees right. 5 back, 180 degrees backwards.
---Forward mount: 12 Large. 5 Small.
-Star base Required: Yes
-Tech level minimum: 8

Description: The Battleship is the pinnacle of power. Armed with the most advanced weapons and plated in very thick armor, The Battleship is the second biggest craft in the fleet, Only shadowed by the Titan. The battleship is one of the most costly ships as well, Costing a small moon worth of resources to make.

-Size: 45,000 Cubic Units.
-Mass:125,000 Units.
-Cost: 6,550,000 BC
---Turret mount: 15 left side, 10 90 Degree Left , 5 180 degrees Left. 15 Right side, 10 90 Degree Right, 5 180 degrees Right.
---Forward mount: 20 Large, 10 Small
-Star base Required: Yes
-Tech level minimum: 9

Description: The Titan is a planet sized ship in both Mass and length. It is considered to be the end all to any military war. The Titan has almost endless firepower and full coverage on all sides. It commonly has the most advanced armour plating and shielding systems. Its size and shape are commonly varied by who makes it. Spherical ones are the most commonly used while Earth Titans can also be flat and disk like, Giving them more evasive properties. Zaron Titans are mostly Spires which can rotate at their center of mass, Making them able to fire a continuous, Rapid burst of intense weapon energy.

-Size: 7,500,000 Cubic Units.
-Mass: Planet.
-Cost: 150,725,000 BC
---Turret mount: 150 Per side, 180 Degrees.
---Forward mount: 100 Large , 75 Small
-Star base Required: Yes*
-Tech level minimum: 20


Siege Cannon|
Description: Siege cannons are spiral mounted floating cannons with a sprinkle of starship. Commonly used to destroy space stations, And planets. These specialized craft aren't particularly used in most frontal assaults as they commonly have little to no defence.

-Size: 17,000 Cubic Units
-Mass: 45,000
-Hull Cost: 2,375,000
---Forward mount: Spiral mounts 1, Large 2, Small 0
-Star base required: Yes
-Tech level minimum: 8

Spire |
Description: The "Spire" class is an Angelic design, Being made of a crystalline material.

-Size: 5500
-Mass: 9,000
-Hull Cost: 2,755,250
---Turret mount: 1 top, 360 degrees , 1 bottom , 360
-Star base required: Yes
-Tech Level minimum: 12
--Unique attributes:
-Crystalline hull
+ 100 vs Laser weapons
- 50 vs Ballistic
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New Basic ship hull specs.
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