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 The Zeran Unification.

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The Zeran Unification. Empty
PostSubject: The Zeran Unification.   The Zeran Unification. EmptySat Jul 07, 2012 12:13 am

Racial name: Zeran

Appearance: Zerans are a race of average humanoid beings which have a pale blue complexion and eyes which are slightly more wide then a human's. There blood is a deep set, emerald green color due to there chemical makeup using copper instead of Iron like most mammals on Earth. A not-so-well known fact about Zerans is there Molars being jagged and sharp as a holdover from when they were more primitive, having evolved from Hydra-like, wingless dragons.

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]Female
[Only admins are allowed to see this image] Male

physical variations between the same species: zerans have Various differences in each individual. The most notable, like humans, Is hair color. Hair colors range from a goldenrod color to crimson red, and even a florescent green in some. Another notable feature is there eye color. zeran eye colors consist of, Green, Bright yellow, A bronze-like orange, Red, and on rare occasion, Navy blue.

General Abilities: An inept ability to know exactly what their pair is thinking. Proven that telepathic abilities are null in zerans due to their brain makeup the theory on why pairs are so well adapt to the other is still unclear.

Personality Traits: zerans are a race of 2. Where there is 1 zeran there is another. They travel in a pair of 2 from birth to death. They are also very technologically inclined. Being so inept in this they always try to think of more complex solutions needed to simple problems. In the case of ship travel they waited to launch their first ship into space with retros calling it unsafe and waited till impulse drive technology before they launched their first space faring vessel.

Tech: Advanced.

Best weapon: Particle cannon Mk2

Best defense: Xentronium \ Class 6 Shield

Best engine: Impulse drive Mk3 \ Hyper-drive Mk2

Basic Planetary achievements: Planet Cracking beam. Used to mine metal and materials from the mantle and core of the planet by 'cracking' the planet's crust apart. Ban by the GUPA (Galactic Unification and Planetary alliance. [ AKA: UN in space.] )

Culture: They believe in science as a reason to do anything they want. The implication of science on ANY subject is acceptable, As was said about the planet cracking beam. Which was monumental as they tested it on the homeworld of the now extinct Amaon race. Claiming they didn't realize that the planet was inhabited.

Cloths: Identical to human clothing.

Diet: They tend to indulge on other race's delicacies, but normally they eat mostly meat and fruits from their home planet of Zanon.

Customs: Zeran culture is very unique. They tend to travel in clusters of 6 - 20, And seemingly have a harmonic relationship to each other. To this end, They rarely fight among themselves and tend to shun away those who they don't clearly understand. Being very social creatures to themselves, There is rarely a need for outside help.

Personal relationships and mating habits: The zeran's anatomy is unique as there are no 'testicles' on a zeran but, They produce sperm as needed while mating. There is also no orgasm for a Zeran, But the pleasure given by a zeran is more intense making zerans rather easy to please. As for public relations, They 'date' in pairs of 2-6 and it is acceptable to swap mates between this cluster of mates, and is also socially acceptable to have gay or lesbian sex with all but your pair, to which it is a big taboo to have feelings of lust or love to your pair. Commonly the pair of a zeran is considered an equal or brother/sister.

Religion: NONE. Considered a weakness in zeran culture.

Relationships: Humans seem to have very little to say about the Zeran race as a whole, While Lusan people draw from a well of deep seated hate for them. Xalins also show distain for the Zeran people, But it is only due to a lacking of communication due to the Zeran's nulling of physic communication which is required when speaking to a Xalin, As their base language is very basic and relies on their physic ability.


Galaxy name: Milkyway

Arm number: 3

system: Venow 16

Homeworld: Lera

Fleet size:Armada
Titan: (Will recalculate)
Battleships: (Will recalculate)
Battlecruisers: (Will recalculate)
Destroyers: (Will recalculate)
Cruisers: (Will recalculate)
Frigates: (Will recalculate)
Scouts: (Will recalculate)
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The Zeran Unification.
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