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 Xalin Confederation

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PostSubject: Xalin Confederation   Xalin Confederation EmptyFri Jul 06, 2012 8:07 pm

Racial name: Xalin

Appearance: Roughly 6-8 feet tall. Rough looking with large pieces of bone covering there body. There head was eyeless and consisted of only a base neck with a bulb at the end and 2 massive mandibles on ether side which covered a smaller set of more sharp and pincer-like mandibles. There main body is like a gorilla in size and shape with major arms on ether side armed with long, 5 inch, bony, very sharp nails which most file down to be more reasonable. There legs were just as beefy as there arms only there (what would be) Big toe was like a rapter claw.

physical variations between the same species: The massive majority of the race was what they call, "Black" Xalins. They are the bigger, Bruit-like part of there race. The other side of this coin is the "White" or "Grey" Xalins Which are more intelligent but less in physical strength. Another kind is the "Blue" or more widely known as "Crystal" Xalins which are a mutation of a white Xalin. They retain most intelligent for a harder shell around there body made of a more crystal substance. The rarest type of Xalin is the "Golden" Xalin, Talked about in there myth and lore as a "God of creation." Depicted as small with a spiraled crown and gold, scaly skin.

General Abilities: Crystal Xalins can occasionally spit acid when provoked. (as the mutation brings more primitive traits into light. )

Personality Traits: Xalins are very honorable with there word and determination, widely known for there 'battle of planet Yen-ka' in the early 3500s, Where a lone Xalin King stood his ground to an entire invasion force of Zenum heavy troopers and anti-personal tanks. Taking 77% of the invasion force with him before falling.

Tech: Medium to advanced.

Best weapon: Plasma Beam technology Mk 2.

Best defense: Cek-ke-ka-ke hull and personnel plating, as well as class 2 heavy shield technology.

Best engine: Class 3 Slip-space engines, and class 1 impulse drive. [aka fast jump, slow normal]

Basic Planetary achievements: Unification of all major land masses and the ability to use minor telepathic communication to convey an idea to another to make up for lack of vocabulary skills. (Commonly like, "That big red thing" would lead you to the fire truck rather then the brick building as it ment the truck not the building. Hard to explain. [wish i had that ability right now. -_- ] )

Culture: Xalins live in large apartment building like towers which house anywhere from, 100 - 100,000 Xalins. They prefer soil over metal plate flooring on most outpost stations, and are very strong in there almost tribal like ways for using animal bones as decoration and musical instruments.

Cloths: Consisting on bones or metal plates, depending on if one of royal family, Militia, Civil, Or ambassadorial nature. Most which aren't on Xalin controlled worlds wear average cloth clothes as normal human beings would wear if not the native custom clothes (in there size) of the world's clothes. Xalins on Xalin controlled worlds wear more traditional bones and woven hide of other animals.

Diet: "Meat. Your Meat." (Quote from the movie: Zuthera) All meat diet, Eating mostly other animals from there home planet. Traditionally it is also customary to eat mortally wounded or deathly Ill of there kind.

Customs: Customs include a feast for birth or death of relatives and holiday's include "[translated] Day of creation. " where all the Xalin's are forbiden to eat for 2 weeks. another major holiday to the Xalins is there, "Day of reckoning." Where on Xalin controlled worlds will gather and feast upon other worldly foods to acknowledge there "brothers and sisters in space" as they invite the ambassadors from every race they are not at war with to shair the meals of others and there own.

Personal relationships and mating habits: Rough. (Will update later.)

Religion: "The path of creation" Prasing of a mythical figure known as, "The golden one" which is depicted as a golden Xalin, which with a mighty spark from his hands created every star in the universe.

Relationships: Most races in the galaxy have no quarals with the Xalin people, but dislike the govermental style and structure as it consists of a almost barbaric nature. A King or Queen Xalin is usually in power as they are the largest of there kind but occationally a fight for power may occur. This has caused many issues with diplimatic relations and to fix this, They send off the old leaders as ambasiters.

(Spellcheck isn't working, Will spellcheck later.)


Galaxy name: Milky way.

Arm number: 2nt

system: Halon 3 (Binary star, White dwarf and Medium class yellow star like earth.)

Homeworld: Xalon 4.

Fleet size: fleet

Titan: (Recalucating)
Battleships: (Recalculating)
Battlecruisers: (Recalculating)
Destroyers: (Recalculating)
Cruisers: (Recalculating)
Frigates: (Recalculating)
Scouts: (Recalculating)
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Xalin Confederation
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