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 Death... Is only the beginning. Or is it?

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Angel Of Time
Angel Of Time

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Death... Is only the beginning. Or is it? Empty
PostSubject: Death... Is only the beginning. Or is it?   Death... Is only the beginning. Or is it? EmptyFri Jul 06, 2012 4:22 pm

Death is something we've all seen happen, But I seem to now know what it feels like to have death embrace me.

My name is Valerie, And I'm dead. My mother, Jane, watched me get killed by my adopted sister Power, An angel. She didn't mean to shoot me, but I don't understand what she was aiming for. I was shot in the chest, And I saw death take my mother's form before embracing me into the cold darkness. I've awoken now. My eyes opened slowly to stare into the dark sky Where am I? As I looked around this near pitch black world, all I could see was my body in deathly black robes which were like shadows as I moved. As I looked closer at them I found they weren't robes at all but, part of my body as my hands too were this deathly shadow. I walked around this black room, the ground felt like glass under my feet, cold and smooth while above me was almost a night sky with clouds which were black as coal floating along. The sun, also dark black sat in the sky, Or at least I think it was the sun. All this stuff seemed so unworldly to me and wrong.

I miss my mom...

Upon further inspection of the area I saw my old house?. It was a shabby house in the middle of an open field near one of the smaller cities. We left after Lucy (my sister) ran from home to join pirates, feeling that me and my sister got everything while she just was tolerated. In a way, I wish I could tell her how sorry I was about this but, Good luck trying now I suppose. I walked toward it in hopes of finding some type of sign as to where I was, or what to do. i felt prying eyes behind me for a moment, Glancing back in fear something might try to get me. I turned back towards the building, The door sat infront of me. I opened the door and entered the Foyer closing the door behind me and still looking outside for whatever it was that was practically breathing down my neck. Nothing was there. When I turned around, I found myself face to face with a shadowy form in a hood and the smell of death creeped up to my nose... Or was that just my thoughts playing with me, having the lack of smelling ability. Face to face i got a good look where there head was. Nothing more then a round orb stood atop their shoulders in its hood. Did I also look like that to them? I didn't want to think about it before I moved into the living room where I saw more of these shadow-like figures which turned their hollow stares to look at me. I was scared, I'm not going to lie. My heart acked as it felt still and cold. I started backing up slowly before I bumped into one of these things and my head raced with horrific images as a shadow hand came down onto my shoulder pulling me. Ripping me away from the house as fast as if being jet propelled, and like those fingers were hooks into my shoulder. I wanted to scream but I couldn't breath, In fact I wasn't even capable of breathing, As my lungs felt like rocks in my chest. Soon, I got a glimpse of the figure and stared at her hard. Blue pigtails protruded from her head, glowing brightly and brilliantly on this black plane of existence, except everything about her looked hazed and blackish. She looked back at me and said something that I couldn't hear. Infact I never stopped to realize that I HAD no ears to hear with, Nor did I have a mouth to breath with, a nose to smell with, and with one last horrific feel to my face. I realized my worst fear. I had no eyes. My head consisted of a smooth, deathly shadow orb. Was she bringing me back to my body, Or be with my mother again? She does a lot for Jane, Or at least she claims she does. Could this be one of those times? In a way, I hoped my mom couldn't see me like this. I tried talking again but nothing came out as well, and I couldn't even move my lips, as they didn't exist. I took a moment to realize that I hadn't been paying attention to where we were going. As I looked around, There was blackness all around be, But this wasn't the same as the shadowy world from before. I was floating in space, Flying along past plants and stars, heading off to somewhere. She looked to me sharply before stopping outside of a ship. It was my mother's junker ship. My heart felt as if it would have skipped a beat, If it was still beating that is. She looked back to be for a moment. We were inside the nebula. My shadow form was still cold as she found Solar in space, looking sickly and as I adjusted my gaze at her I saw a bleak shade moving around her too. pale skin shown under the hood but no 'face' could be seen. Teeth showed as I neared it. A toothy and razer blade like smile shot across its demonic face, And long robe trailing behind. I gazed out a bit from under my hood to this before it stopped and gazed back at me with stilted white eyes. I stopped and backed up now as angel wasn't holding me any longer and it started closer to me. Angel looked around and stopped talking to Solar, Noticing I'm not nearby anymore. This slit eyed thing looked intently happy at seeing me here. I started into a frightened drift as I felt myself moving in space, this thing following me. I looked back as Angel was now chasing me and looking as if shouting at the top of her lungs. The shadow monster had pulled out a sort of scythe like weapon from its body and sharply sped past me holding the scythe over its head and bringing it down. My arms went up as if supposed to protect me from such an assault. To my amazement I looked up feeling intact and noticed Angel had grabbed this things scythe and snapped the head off making it shreak and burst into smoke. She grabbed me once more and dragged me back. I gazed around and noticed that there were thousands if not millions of these things swarming around now! Soon enough I did hear a voice behind me. A little girl's voice as it says softly, "They're reapers... They make sure you don't stray too far from you residence, And you're quite far aren't you?" as I looked at her I noticed her body was clear to me, Unlike everybody else and the world around me, which seemed hazed in black and grey. Her childish body was flat chested with a short, Bloody colored, pixie cut. She wore black robes over her body too, but seemed to be made of actual material instead of shadows. Her eyes were yellow around the edges and faded to a pale blue in the middle near her pupils. She nods and says, "Yes, I know you're wondering who I am, I presume?" And hearing this I nodded frantically as I couldn't talk.  Did she know i couldn't speak in this form? Why was she so clear? "He he. You're an energetic one aren't you?" she says with a small and kiddy, girlish giggle. Even alive I couldn't stand that kind of giggle. "So, Angel is here. I wonder what they're talking about. " as if tauntingly saying so...


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Death... Is only the beginning. Or is it?
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